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Join the Somali-Swedish Researchers' Association

Why you should become a member! SSRA is a small non-for-profit, non-religious and non-political association, registered as an NGO with the Swedish authorities. At present there are 47 members.

SSRA wishes to broaden its membership by recruiting new members from among academics and professionals in Sweden and Somalia/Somaliland, including members of the Somali Diaspora as well as University students. Anyone endorsing and working for the aims of the Association and willing to pay the annual membership fee of 200 SEK is welcome to become a member of SSRA.

Members will be invited to attend the Annual Meeting of SSRA, which takes place in spring each year. They will receive meeting reports and information about other events of interest. Future information about specific activities and projects can be given by SSRA board members. 

The registration process will take approximately 5 min. In order for us to maintain our credibility we have to ask you to fill in all of the following information below. After you have completed the form please pay your annual membership fee of 300 SEK to SSRA's Plusgiro account no. 9213417-0. Please, state your name and membership fee! Welcome to SSRA!

Ny medlem!

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